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Vacation pic: Alia Bhatt enjoys with sister Shaheen in London After suffering a shoulder injury while shooting, Alia Bhatt has been on a break ever since.

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Making the best use of the time, the Highway girl is currently having a blast in London with her sister Shaheen and friend Tanya. The girls shared a few glimpses of their London vacation where they are seen bar hopping and shopping. Share Comments 0. Count: Share on. We have sent you a verification email. To verify, just follow the link in the message.

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Now Reading: Alia Bhatt's Instagram pictures you should not miss! Shop Now. Check Out. See Now. It looks like the winter season has got even the super energetic Alia Bhatt wants to wrap herself in a cocoon.

Alia loves her best friend Akansha Ranjan Kapoor to the moon and back and her Instagram posts are a proof of it. Alia Bhatt is ringing in this new year with her best friend Akansha Ranjan Kapoor. The duo is setting the Bali air on asian candy pop with their sizzling personalities. These two are surely BFF goals for all the girls out there. Alia Bhatt wants no disturbance on her fun trip. Alia Bhatt and Akansha Ranjan Kapoor are looking like two cute dolls in this pic taken during their Bali vacation where they will be ringing in the new year Their charming smiles are heartwarming.

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I love you soo much you beautiful soul! Alia Bhatt looks surreal in this pic. Alia Bhatt is spreading warm smiles on many faces with this extremely wonderful and bright frame. Alia Bhatt spending some time with sister over drinks. After exploring the happy place and having loads of fun, the trio settled for a round of drinks and Alia shared their picks with her fans through Instagram stories.

Alia Bhatt with her sister Shaheen Bhatt. The lovely photos from the fun night are giving us major sibling goals. Alia looks too-cute-for-words in this Instagram post.

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Being a cuddly bear, Aaloo is making us gush over her cuteness. Alia Bhatt and her best friends--Akansha Ranjan Kapoor and Meghna Goyal--can be seen indulged in some candid conversation here. The beauties are looking gorgeous in this frame. Their gang is certainly the sexiest of all. Alia Bhatt with her mother Soni Alia. The chocolaty delight best making us drool.

The duo is looking uber cute in this selfie which Alia shared with her fans through an Instagram story. Alia Bhatt shares a beautiful candid pic of her mom. And looking at this photo, we all know where Alia has got her good looks from! Alia Bhatt shares a cute pic with mom on her birthday. Alia Bhatt is the doting daughter who loves her parents more than anything else. She had www nude erotica com minimalist yet sweet wish for her mother on her birthday which she posted with this adorable photo of them on Instagram.

Just a photo of Alia Bhatt monkeying around. Alia Bhatt is the chirpiest star of the B-town who houses a lot of innocence in her along with the paramount talent. Alia Bhatt reunites with her childhood friends. With time the interactions might become less and one might not find enough time to catch up, but it is the life of a party when they unite together.

Alia Bhatt also did some catching up with her old friends and the night out looks like the most fun event ever. Alia Bhatt spends some personal moments giggling with her friends. A night full of games, food, and drinks, the fun girls night out is something which will make you miss your own gang. The girls are looking super cute and happy as they share a laugh in this photo. Alia Bhatt lost in her sense of wonderment. Alia Bhatt is looking dapper in this photo from her personal gallery. Lost video seks indonesia her own worlds of wonder, the actress looks beautiful in this candid click.


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Alia Bhatt has got a personal Betaal to her Vikram. Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Singh in Delhi the past weekend for the finale of ICW and Ranveer Singh became the perfect source of entertainment to her with his goofy antics. They also had one Vikram-Betaal moment as Ranveer figuratively sat on her shoulders before the gala show. The walked the ramp in Manish Malhotra couture later. Alia Bhatt makes Edward her personal messenger.

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But she is super jet lagged after her trip to New York for IIFA and has chosen her fluffy friend Edward to act as the messenger and thank all her fans for the massive support she is getting from them. Alia Bhatt personally gives out some fitness motivation. Alia Bhatt is pics versatile actress and a fitness freak.

The girl spends considerable amount of time doing alia. And she has recently learned to hit a high kick like a pro. She looks simply stunning in this powerful photo.

Alia Bhatt is training herself in classical dancing and is working really hard to achieve the finest results. This photo of her rehearsing her dance moves speaks loads for the dedication Alia has for her art. Alia Bhatt finds some personal time to relax in Maldives. This picture from her family vacation in Maldives post Badrinath Ki Dulhania shoot is pure bliss.

Alia is looking super-relaxed with her girl gang. Alia Bhatt establishes a personal connect with God. Bhatt Bhatt best time out for some spiritual healing as she visited the Golden Temple in Amritsar. The Bollywood cutie is looking very pretty in desi attire. Alia Bhatt is all smiles with Ranbir Kapoor in this pic from her personal gallery.

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The girls seem to dot on each other endlessly from their numerous candid pics which keep on flooding their social media accounts. In this pic even, the friends are looking adorable. Alia Bhatt spends some personal time with sister Shaheen Bhatt. These sisters are looking uber-cute pouting in this selfie. This post-wrap photo from the sets of Badrinath Ki Dulhania is glowing with the happy vibes of a successful production. Alia is seen posing with her makeup artist for the movie.


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alia bhatt best pics porn stock images Alia Bhatt is one of the most loved star of Bollywood with a huge fan following. Her style sense, her chirpy presence, and her bindass nature is something which all the girls try to get in their own lives. Alia Bhatt and friends with Kripa Mehta on her wedding night. Alia Bhatt and friends got their princess Kripa ready for her big night and were captured in a surreal candid moment. Alia Bhatt with her newly married bestie Kripa Mehta.
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