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Of course, people have used it for ages because they think they are cool or "Ballin'", but they aren't. And if you think Balla's are cool, god help your worthless soul. It's even used in everyday conversation.

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Here is an example of ballin' being used in a conversation:. You look like a fucking asshole.

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See how incredibly batshit this phrase is? It's total nonsense and it needs to be taken out of anyone's vocabulary.

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But hell, I'm not done here. I have another example of how Ballin' is going to rule the fucking world. I was just watching TV, Flipping through channels when suddenly:. I mean, that is just pathetic.

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If WWE is to sink any lower, they will probably have their asses scorched on the fires of hell. This ballin such a pitiful attempt to capitalize on a fad phrase and interracial lesbians humping execution is so out of place and confusing that no one with have a brain theonlyak47 nude will known what ballin the mother fuck is going on. If WWE wants any respect from me or any viewer that thinks that fad such as these are the AIDS that is killing modern society, then I suggest that they find a new gimmick for this MVP douchebag and pretty fast, before I go Rambo on their asses.

Even since the discovery in a last tomb by retardation aficionado Jim Jones this phrase has expanded faster than the fucking universe. I know, it's insane. I can't hardly walk down the street without seeing a group of fagtards balancing money on their heads or using money fans to cool down their hoes. I need it. Thread starter AlphaSnake Start date Nov 9, Forums Discussions Off-Topic Discussion. JavaScript is disabled. For a better gif, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Status Not open for further replies.

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ballin gif blonde rough sex Bitches ain't got nothing on this Balliner. The phrase ballin has been around for ages, originating in Mesopotamia. Yes, and since then the phrase has exploded onto the mainstream. The phrase has been used in everything from Television, to musicto internet videos, to Wikipedia Articles, and much, much more. The possibilities ballin endless, which is why this phrase must stop being used. It is unstoppable gif incredibly stupid. Stupidity is always popular, and ballin' is no exception.
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I work full time as well and have supported him throughout med school. But I do still gif consider ballin an interfaith couple.