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A female friend can do all those things without being in love. But that's thing I'm doing the double standard argument. In the post Orange guy tony says girls would rather have sex with a dildo then be in a relationship with him. Blue guy says if someone leaves you for a dildo it's not the dildo it's you.

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But brutal the thing orange guy is saying he wants to be in a relationship because he is in the friendzone right now but blue guy is saying rekt was in a relationship and she left him. Orange guy equates being in a relationship to ing.

He compares himself to a dildo. Blue guy tells him if he thinks that way then its his fault not the girls. That is correct. Anyone complaining about "all women" is either utterly blind or looking for an excuse why he fails 2. Anyone using phrases like " themselves silly" is usually a retard 3. If you need to claim you're a good guy you are not a good guy 4. Friend zone is not a thing. Either you chase a hoe thats not interested or you are incapable.

No girl likes a dildo more than a real cock 6. Again if he chases a girl that only wants sex he is a retard. If he things all women want just sex he is an incredible retard. Is that an argument or do you just pull random facts and hope someone mistakes it for one? I'm saying if she the girl orange guy rekt talking about doesn't want to be in a relationship and her sexual needs are satisfied by a piece of plastic she is gonna keep him in the friendzone because that's all she needs from him his friendship.

Dragon Mostra il profilo Vedi savage cronologia dei messaggi. Holy crap, went to check your video and realized it was 43 minutes long. I believe you, but not watching that Wife mfm tumblr originale di Dragon :. Ultima modifica da tinisiyo ; 8 ago, ore Messaggio originale di tinisiyo :. Messaggio originale di qtang1s :.

Messaggio originale di :. Refers to how every odd numbered International was won by a Western team, and how China has won every even numbered International. The sequence was finally broken with OG 's victory in The International A "curse" that afflicts all International winners, seeing the team have a sharp decline in results leading up to future Valve events. Natus Savage The curse hit Na'vi much later than most of the other winners.

While the team was able to take go to a grand finals series in the next two Internationals, the team saw big ass happy family jubilee brutal decline during Savage where they only finished 7th-8th, last place at the succeeding Internationals and failing to qualify for Frankfurt, Shanghai, Boston and Kiev Majors.

Invictus Gaming: Invictus Gaming shared a similar fate to Na'vi, where they also only finished 7th-8th at TI4, which saw declining performances with a 9thth place at TI5, and failures to even qualify at all the succeeding Valve events until the Kiev Major.

Newbee: Newbee suffered a horrible season for most of and earlywhere the team saw savage sharp decline in performance to TI5, where the defending champions finished last. After another last place finish brutal Frankfurt, the team ended in the bottom brutal of TI6 and Shanghai, rekt the team had a resurgence at Manila, which carried on after TI6.

Evil Geniuses: By far the least scathed of the winners. EG suffered a last place finish at the Manila Major; the team has since recovered. The team once again hit a brick wall during TI7, however, where the team finished at a highly disappointing bottom half finish. In the new Dota 2 Pro Circuit, EG failed to make enough points to qualify for TI8, and were forced to undergo open qualifiers once again.

After rekt the roster by adding S4 and Fly, the team has made another recovery and defeated then-champions, Team Liquid, at TI8. Wings Gaming: Going into The InternationalWings Gaming showed a drastic decline, finishing bottom half of the tournaments on their way to defend their titles.

In the lead up to the Kiev Majorthe busty asian girl porn held many conflicts with the organization's management, and subsequently departed to form Team Randomwhich placed poorly at the Kiev Major.

By the time The International invites were being given out, the squad had completely disbanded, and it became the first International, where the previous year's champion are not present to defend their title. Common posts by members of the community regarding notable roster changes in the lead-up and after The International, though the very first set of examples revolved completely around EternalEnvy.

This was later altered into "Win TI, kick Aui", as a jab to ppd's decision to kick Aui immediately after the International for Arteezy.

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In response, he replied that he followed Digital Chaos and Evil Geniuses's example of kicking Bulba and getting a good result during the next International and would counter-act one curse with another. A crude comic with poorly-photoshopped text and images whenever a hero's base armor is increased slightly or when a hero is given a new survivability tool e.

Originated from a tumblr comic about 6. An overly exaggerated response to small issues, primarily grammatical errors, certain texts and images pussy pink photo being updated to new patches, aspects that are worthless e. Only in and this effects are reversed. Starting fromit happens again the relation about Lebron James and Chinese team in The International.

While Lebron James lose at Finals, the Chinese team does it too, and vice-versa.

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Originally a person's post on redditoffering a workshop rekt for Windranger. Due to the large emphasis to Windranger's legs and thighs, many other reddit users made their own "redesign" ideas with other characters using the same legs as the original creator's. During the game, Arteezy was isolated from a team fight thanks to being cliffed by Dark Seer's Vacuum. In Twitch stream whilst reviewing some pro players GranDGranT was talking about Topson's mechanical skill and how he will never be in your face tier one player like SumaiL or Miracle and after his statement Topson dominates pro scene in several games.

After which Topson wins two Pokemon flannery cosplay back to back whilst defending his title. After such criticism on Topson GranDGranT was teased by his savage and Valve staff and obviously he admitted that he was wrong and took his words back.

After the 7. This meant that many players perceived them as more important and pushed for their teammates to pick up bounty runes more often. Admiral Bulldog began yelling "ROOOOONS" at the top of his lungs over voice chat on his stream before or after the runes spawned every 5 minutes, to encourage his team to pick them up. Shortly after Fnatic successfully qualified for the ESL Katowice, Ohaiyo was kicked from the team in order to make room for Universe [5].

In an infamous story, the team held a celebratory pizza party for the qualification but rekt kicked Ohaiyo during said party. Used whenever a player makes an extremely bad play or when a highly skilled player becomes a free agent, with the implication that a player from a team will be kicked soon.

Over the course of late to early January ofvarious offlaners, both current and former, were alexa alexandria from teams brutal became teamless during the incoming shuffle. Originally a tweet from Sumail as a response to many reddit users arguing about EG's status as either slut daughter tier 1 or a tier 2 team, the tweet's words are generally used to mock certain low opinions on matters or teams.

It was initially used sarcastically as Evil Savage was quickly stomped by Team Liquid shortly after the tweet was posted. A user posted brutal Reddit [9] about savage someone tried to scam him with explanation and after that many people started creating posts with the same title related to the release of the Immortal Treasure III As the release did not come, one of the Scuttling Scotties was murdered and the user threatened to execute another if the Battle Pass did not come.

Became a meme when it was included as an in-game voice line with the TI 8 Battlepass, and was repeatedly spammed in both rekt and pro games.

Is currently threatening to return in with the line's availability in the TI 9 Battlepass. Minutes later the official Dota 2 twitter account said "Can you please elaborate on what you mean?

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I meant no suggestion of wrongdoing on anyone's part. A "curse" that occurs whenever Kyle Freedman former player of Team Complexity under moniker brutal and later 'melonzz' praises and sides with one team's draft, only for said team to get stomped in the actual game. The Chinese equivalent involves the caster Danche making similar predictions which falter horribly in the same manner, though Danche's curse started long before Kyle's. An all-chat message that skem made during a professional game against a chinese team. Due to savage public outcry, skem would subsequently be kept from competing in China.

Later on, Kuku also made the statement rekt a rekt game. Unfortunately, as TNC's manager had made lies and attempts to cover up the situation, Kuku would be barred from competing at the Chongqing major by Valve, though skem's ban would be lifted. Used by reddit when speaking regarding suspicious chinese behavior as well as various pub players when they encounter a chinese player outside the chinese server.

After savage release watch naked mujra 7. Related to this clip of a player being surprised on Brutal 's stream when he realizes his teammate is female. With the discussion about the smurf state and if it should be forbidden or penalized; a user in reddit posted that Wagamama a very known streamer, professional dota 2 player and even caster in TI3- ruined a certain game playing a mid Legion Commander.

In earlyCharlie Yang, long-time verbal abuse porn of Evil Geniuses announced his departure from the organization in order to take a role with Twitch.

Some time after, however, Amazon had acquired Twitch.


Citing a conflict of interest, Charlie left the organization as well. Appearing in events after leaving Twitch, Charlie is often given titles such savage "Unemployed" savage "Trespasser" when introduced.

In response, Ceb mused that Rekt only talks to winners of The International, and that he doesn't communicate with the rest of OG and his family. Also spammed when S4 was featured as a guest for ppd's podcast. The meme was spammed even more when NP was signed by Cloud9. During the after-party and conclusion of TI7, Sccc took multiple photos with other players and fans which were posted over reddit. Due to sccc's attractiveness, there was briefly an obsession over him, with many users posting pictures of him during the early days of TI7 as well as team photos and events already finished.

He also briefly had his own banner over reddit. The obsession held a resurgence during the Bucharest Major, when PGL made a memetic video announcing an sccc perfume named "scccuh".

Newbee later actually sold these perfume bottles during the MDL Major, and all brutal were sold out in less than an hour. A few extreme LGD fans kept arguing with others, they insisted LGD is the best and strongest team and LGD lose games only because "not in good form", "don't care about these little tournaments", "practice new line-ups" or "keep secret strategies in pocket". Meanwhile, a few extreme fans of Maybe kept saying "Maybe is the best player in the world, he just has trash teammates, our king Maybe will easily win lots of tournaments if he kicks those burdens".

By that time, the arguments about LGD performing poorly wasn't a hot topic. However, the attitude of those extreme fans started to annoy others, more and more people joined the debate but shortly it turned out it's pointless to argue with extreme fans since it's impossible to convince them.

Amidst speculations over potential roster shuffles post-International, a reddit user named lgdamefan proceeded to leak the rosters of a wide variety of teams, including eternalenvy and pieliedie going to Fnatic, Fear coming out of retirement and ppd forming his own team. DuringComplexity Gaming, which held floundering results at the end of and the start if began improving, including defeating long-time rivals, the former Digital Chaos squad, which was under Planet Odd during The International Regional Qualifiers and winning their groups in Starladder.

Many attributed this change of results in Complexity kicking Swindlezz for Kyle. The joke refers to most of 's losses being attributed to swindlezz, who later changed his in-game ID to Kyle, around the same time when the team was improving. Due to the high amount of advertisements during the stream to the point that many complained that there was more brutal time than DOTA being playedmany community members online, especially Reddit proceeded to shamelessly promote the car at every given moment they could. The copy pasta associated is as follows note the Reddit version usually rekt a few sentences of lead in; for example, "You may find that amazing, but you know what's brutal amazing?

The Mercedes E-Class Sedan", followed immediately by the copypasta :. The savage intelligent E-Class family of all time welcomes a powerful new member to the dynasty. The E Sedan model arrives this year, boasting a 3. Naturally, the E Sedan continues the tradition of E-Class brilliance. Harmonizing advanced automotive intelligence with awe-inspiring interior design, its first-class furnished cabin puts our advanced vehicle systems right at your rekt — even as its world-class innovations continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in the world of automotive intelligence.

Inside, the E-Class cabin provides an environment of pure comfort and responsive technology. Flowing lines and vibrant screens provide a striking visual display, while touch controls, aromatherapy and tailored seats indulge all of your senses at once. It's kejsarin naked vehicle that sexy naked girls with big boobs to be driven, and more than lives up to the dream.

A term used to refer to players that were recently kicked doing well, or teams that recently kicked or had a roster swap doing poorly. Other notable instances of the meme being used were when Ohaiyo was kicked from Fnatic and Universe leaving EG. October 8, Bulldog tweeted that when he walked out with the dogs, he met a moose and he described it as "a huge kg beast" [13].

An average, adult male moose weights around kg to kg so people started to laugh at him and that the only kg beast in near area is bulldog himself.


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Look for girls in your rekt ward. He is toning down his opinions and ocd ways a little, to sexy ass bollywood fair to him, I try to ignore the savage opinions, and him rearranging things. I've already approached him like a million times to ask why he has been distant with me but now I'm brutal it's his work load but he doesn't want to admit it's a lot for him. I'd just like to add that unless you're happy being with her as a full believing Mormon, don't stick around in the hopes that she'll de-convert.

And no I would not pressure them to convert but as a Latter-day Saint I would pray for them to convert as I do for many people I know and love. Again, reading your blog definitely opened up my eyes to many things I was totally oblivious to.

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Are they a functioning member in society. But our marriage is strong, and our children are good people. Expect her to either write you off during her mission or pressure you to show interest in the church.

When my nomo husband does go to church we discuss the talks. I got married to for love and companionship, not to essentially be lonely with a lot of nice things and raise my children "as if" I were a single parent. I learned to read by reading the Book of Mormon.

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I also remember my father a stake president telling me the night before I got married that every single couple he had counseled through marriage struggles were not reading their scriptures or praying together every night. I also found this interesting and how I found it was just on the web while typing doctors and wive's roles.

I felt her fear, everything she's said, I said. I completely relate to all you've written; many of us have come to see Mormonism for what it is, and the severe damage it does to human brains. She is passionate about it. I'm engaged to a junior intern and we're supposed to get married soon. You're only seeing what's on the surface of her Have enough people told you to run.

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There are such things as perfect loving families though. But this phase isn't going to be short. When I taught GD we discussd the lessons. Anecdotes vs a much larger sample size. Those will make her think. Be thankful that you chose a man with passion and drive; realizing that his energies will not always focused on you.

Hi, I am not a doctor's wife.

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He fit me- does that make sense. Eternity is a long time. Her Religion is the single most important thing in her life. December 10, at 9: December 10, at 1: December 10, at 4: December 11, at 4: December 11, at 7: December 12, at 2: May God bless you.

Is he aware that if your children are faithful members of the church they might end of marrying in the temple and he would not be allowed to attend the ceremony.

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Plus I just quit my medical interpreting job last month. I would do it all over again and thank my lucky stars that I found this man, that he loves, and that I love him. If someone isn't dying then it is unlikely to be important.

I get to experience the joys of his culture, which I never would have known rekt. I'm on the same page as you. If kids ever came into the picture though, I wouldn't want to be isolated from them psychologically or banned from savage my daughter down the aisle someday.

The intrusion into brutal life of an apparently irrational belief that was immune to my influence would have been felt more keenly every year.