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Vacation By: Date Score. Very fun, but very grindy. Fun game though. If you fix the mentioned problems this will be a great game! Views 45, Faves: Votes Score 3. Suddenly a Party 1.

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CHLOE18 Vacations Public Version by GDS

Why does the game freeze all the time when chloe goes to give blowjob during training?? Downloaded it so it didn't but still can't get past that point. I know this isn't the full version, no chance to get the geek suit, not sure if the bar scene even works. Can't get on with the woman from the massage parlor. Not much a game so far.

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So vacation there anyone else who just get's a black screen with text bubbles in the house? Peaple wtf?? Nudist youth do i massage peaple?? I keep going there but it only appears text And how do i earn money?? For those who develop the game: it would be great to be able to store a save out of the browser through files or something.

The game is great, I played over an hour and I could not finish it, I loved it, but I wish I could continue playing without losing my progress without having to save it in the browser. I love Chloe. It makes so much fun to see chloe18 a usual girl is turning every day more into a whore. This shows that chloe18 just need some suitable compliments from the others to learn that a body of a girl vacation absolutely perfect suitable to earn money with her holes.

Chloe is a real whore. A bitch as it is written in a porno movie script.

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Stuck on multiple achievements: Cherry Abuse 2 Finding the DVDs for Kaoru and both of the romance in the van things would be awesome if some1 could help out. This game does not load for me, I can click chat and see that scene but then it goes back to black.

Fucking game closes the web page. Reloaded game my stats are back at 8 slut level developer add a fucking save your auto save is shit. It's why none of the games are finished! Again chloe18 to 46 naked bebe rexha game crash, make a goddam game save and fix all the black screen sex scenes, i believe it's Gamcore's shit server vacation the game crash but the auto save is on the creator!!!!

Can't call Gingers friend any name the game freezes, at 36 slut level waiting for the game to crash again Creator and fuck you GamCore. Your funny you stop last text and now doing lag, go suk more diks gaywads, i'll let you know when I'm done.

I'll Support GamCore. I Don't or will not join a single individual from this chloe18 get your shit together, my credit card is not open for descussing. Nothing is different! After two years still the same black screen when there's a sex scene.

No new options They're really milking subscribers like Chloe 18 full version is Not full Version Almost started another play through but knowing all the Black screenshots instead of sex scenes fuck it, I'll wait until creator decides to update with real content instead of black screen. Oh another thing wtf does it matter what we call the characters!

If we can't name what we lik wtf is the point vacation giving chloe18 that option. It's been about a month that I last posted a comment on this game Still no changes, greed Concours all.

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We support OpenID as well. Login Register Login with Facebook English. Add to Favourites Current rating 3. Promising vacation still much work to do to keep improving chloe18. Like Reply Zes Ibal you get the shorts in the bathroom in the club. Loading Lag Very slow loading. Like Reply gamer it took me forever to load Like Reply Kfriendly Found a way to break the game, somehow the bath glitches and you don't vacation an outfit.

Like Reply Ugh Loading Lag This game does not agree on mobile devices, especially older or lifeline ones. Like Reply spook how do you improve the attractiveness spec? Like Reply Miko spook when you start the day go take a bath and choose suck the guy do this 2x then put on some clothes and go cook for everyone then just pastime until the chloe18 opens I think drinks help go up too.

Like Reply Brago How do i not get caught when im teasing the step-dad?

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Like Reply Jeef Why does the game freeze all the time when chloe goes to give blowjob during training?? Downloaded it so it didn't but still can't get past that point Like Reply Jeef I'm pissedtrying all day good thing i'm geting paid for it in work Like Reply DorianGray00 Next update when?


chloe18 vacation alix lynx bio Tired of waiting? Click here to disable vacation To lose chloe18 fame Chloe sets off on the summer break to a plane where no one knows here, will she be able to have a normal life? Allthough i enjoyed playing this game needs a lot of work to be done. Hand- blow- and footjobs?
chloe18 vacation father and son gay porn Please, enable JavaScript in your browser to use additional features. Vacation : Chloe was getting closer to her dream of becoming a cheerleader. But she needed to stay low on this summer vacation, and even to lose the fame she had earned. She need to vanish this vacation, so people will chloe18 everything that she did. Her hotmilftube have an idea how to help her. The guy who made this hasn't put much thought into optimisation.
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So, guess whatв We stopped. IE в the comment about not having a husband to give priesthood blessings, etc. This sub is a great place to do that. Same goes for holidays-flip a coin. No easy answers here.