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Culture Like Follow. When you're in love and you don't care who knows it. Image: through-the-thorns-to-the-stars. When you spot your crush from across the room.

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Image: reactiongif. When your crush strikes up conversation with you.


External Reaction:. Image: no-x-thanks.

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Image: whatshouldsynchroswimcallme. When you're feeling affectionate.

3. When They Put A Smile On Your Face

Image: nofandomleftbehind. When your best friend returns from a long trip. When you want to take your friendship to the next level. Image: whatshouldbetchescallme. When you just want to cuddle with your BFF.

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Image: Tumblr. When you're faced with unrequited love. When you find out that someone has a crush on you. When the cake you're eating tastes incredible. When you love what you see in the mirror. Image: thedcgayz. All make amazing GIF content, and all are basically certified to put a smile on your crush's face. But if you want to branch out from the basics, I've composed a list that includes the very most primo, funny, and adorable GIF content for every occasion.

1. When you're in love and you don't care who knows it.

Because when you don't know what to say, there's a GIF that can do all the talking for you. This is also known as "the face I make every time I realize I actually have feelings for someone. I don't care if you only believe in "rational science," I just need to know before I fall for another Scorpio. Seriously, do you know if there's a support group for people who love Scorpios? Scorpio Lovers Anonymous?


cute gifs for your girlfriend trisha paytas boobs Being in love is a wonderful, but tricky thing. Finding the right words to say just how much you care can feel like an almost impossible feat to overcome. But why tell someone how much you care when you can show them? Through GIFs, that is. Because everyone knows there's no better way to express the depth of your love than through posts you found on Tumblr. Image: Flickr, DavyLandman.
cute gifs for your girlfriend qombol In the age of flirting over the internet, sending GIFs and memes are basically the equivalent of love poems. If you don't have funny GIFs to text your crushyou need to get some pronto. GIFs step in when you don't have the words to do your feelings justice. They're also a unique way to express something that makes you stand out from the crowd — and that's why you need to make sure that your GIFs are not only funny, but also unique. Because let's be real: Just like it's a big turn-off to hear the same sentiment expressed a million and a half times, it's also boring to keep recycling the same content. When you're looking for some funny GIFs to send your crush, three hard and fast rules apply: babies, puppies, and Mr. All make amazing GIF content, and all are basically certified to put anime oporn smile on your crush's face.
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