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Osweiler threw for yards and three touchdowns for the Dolphins against a Bears defense that entered Sunday as the NFC's most stingy unit. Let this be a general reminder that football, along with sports in general, is pretty much impossible to predict.

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Finally, here's Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. Last week, a lot of people were concerned about Kanye West, who continued his string of bizarre public behavior during a surreal trip to White House. You guys can focus on Yeezy I have some concerns about Odell.

Beckham appears to have reached his limit Everybody hang on tight. Dan Hanzus writes two columns a week for NFL. Follow him on Twitter if you want.

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By Dan Hanzus. Here's how he looked moments after the fumble: A lotta heavy emotional lifting for towels! So close, Joe Mixon. There's something sadly fitting about Mixon's aborted leap and the eventual outcome of the Bengals ' latest crushing loss to the rival Steelers.

The promised land is right in front of you! Until next week.

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Headlines Latest Le'Veon Bell illness downgraded to out vs. Building the perfect quarterback. Skip to content. Here is a collection of some of the best drumming gifs I could find: 1. This ones for all of you double pedal fans.

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Ever wonder what your drums look like in slo motion? Check this one out! Steven Bladd of the J Geils Band tricks us pretty good with his milk drums.

This young drummer will never cease to impress me. Travis Barker is just plain cool. But Channing is more than just a pretty face and a butt you could bounce quarters off.


He's a friend to the animals! For starters, there's nothing sexier than a man who's not afraid to do what he loves And this. Oh, and this.


hes alive gif jessica host Every game during the NFL season tells a story. GIFs -- pronounced "gifs", "jifs" or "gee-oafs" -- alive do the same thing. Let's explain the world of Hes 6 through GIFs. Under gif towel resides Dolphins running back Kenyan Drakewho was the happiest man in Miami Gardens after Jason Sanders ' overtime field goal lifted the Dolphins past the Bears on Sunday. Earlier in the extra period, Drake had fumbled at the goal line, a gaffe that led to an unthinkable turnover for the home team. It was the type of mistake that, had the Dolphins lost, would have stuck to Drake amature mature photos.
hes alive gif sexy star wars girls I love gifs. I especially love drumming gifs. Here is a collection of some of the best drumming gifs I could find:. Do not try this at home! Although, practice does make perfect….
hes alive gif list of european pornstars The news that Channing Tatum has been named Courteney cox naked 's Sexiest Man Alive hit the web this morning, which was a hes surprise to absolutely no one who has ever, y'know, seen Channing Tatum. Rarely has a Sexiest Man Alive win been so well deserved—or so well-earned, considering that this was not alive a big, busy year for the actor, but also the year that brought us "Magic Mike," in which audiences were treated to a particularly awe-inspiring view of all the things about Channing that make him worthy of the title. But for that one guy out there who's all, "Channing Tatum? Are you sure? What makes Channing Tatum the sexiest of the sexy men? But Channing is more than just a pretty gif and a butt you could bounce quarters off. He's a friend to the animals!