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Querqus Most of the pictures are from tumblr. Disclaimer: all images, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the internet and are assumed to be in the public domain. In the event A Romantic Gentleman A gentleman of style who appreciates the beauty of a woman's ass, and all things elegantly sexy.

This blog contains adult material and is not safe for children, extremists and brainwashed religious fucks.

Transgender Lesbians

I am curious about everything, fascinated about many things, there is not one thing that I like the most, I hate discrimination, injustice and cruelty against the weak, and I am bored most of the time. Definitely needs the padlocks! Reblogged 2 years ago from fucktoy Originally from highheelmaid. A collection of things that really turn me on! I am a 40 year old lesbian woman from Indiana in the USA.

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Wearing them continuously for almost 14 years, I have become dependent on them to feel confident and comfortable when out of the house or in large crowds, and never leave my home without being securely locked in both.

I do have the keys, but also the will power to not unlock for a specified amount of time. I truely enjoy tease, edging and denial of orgasm. I also enjoy viewng erotic, stringent and predicament bondage, and have a large and growing list of fetishes. My top fetishes include ballet boots, bondage helmets, tight lacing corsets, reverse-prayer ties, gags and harnesses, chastity belts and bras, steel bondage, tight fitting knee-high boots, anything that locks on the wearer, and especially pants, jeans, slacks and blouses that snap, button or zip up in the back.

Hey, I’m a trans girl and I’m gay. Reblog if you are also a trans girl who is gay.

It's kind of like bondage for the vanilla. I also love to see armbinders on other girls and would love to own and experience a tight leather armbinder, laced tight and locked with locking straps, for myself some day. I also have a strong fetish for extreme bob haircuts. I have one myself, long in the front and short and extremely stacked in the back, and love to see other girls with similar cuts and styles.

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I invite respectful communications and will converse with just about anyone about anything, so feel free to send me a message. Remember I am lesbian, so messages from men being sexually forward telling me you're going to fuck me or disrespectful will be ignored.

Lace Me Tite and Lock Me Up

Feel free to send me post that you think I might enjoy. Invite her out to shit. Talk to her. Like idk, everything I just listed is stuff that… you just do for a friend. Another blog to block!! This has a misleading titleand this person is an extreme terf.

Seriously please just click on the link to their blog and professor porn them. This person changed their url.

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Block this one: [ Link]. My blog is endless selfies to document my transition and also get validation. Always happy to meet new people especially transbians! This blog contains only pictures of me as I transition. I attend college in Springfield, MO, and I make music and podcasts.


lesbian crossdressers tumblr pictures of girls using vibrators This is not strictly for dating purposes. It's more so you girls can connect. You can still submit if you're taken. I want cis lesbians to work on making a stronger support system for trans lesbians. Like, help a trans lesbian get a job.
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lesbian crossdressers tumblr alina puscau nue Oh Gawd! I would love to do housework outfitted like this! If I completed the work correctly, completely and on time, the machine would be turned up to provide me with my reward! But any errors found in my cleaning, or failure to meet the deadline would result in being locked back in my chastity belt with no relief until my next opportunity to do the cleaning! Just the thought of this makes be wet behind my chastity shield! The ultimate locking ballet wedge.