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Re: MapleStory 2, welcome. Originally Posted by MetaSeraphim. Originally Posted by Arrol. Originally Posted by Dragon. Looks more like a two-handed sword, the handle just looks quite too short for a spear or pole arm. Originally Posted by Luxeraph. Originally Posted by Niernen. Wikipedia is not some kind of all knowing god Their Maplestory page only has four sentences on the "plot", and has not been updated much since Big Bang.

Pretty out of date at this point, 3 years of content behind. Originally Posted by Hanabira. The person who did that translation posted it like five posts above yours.

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The following 2 users think this post is NiernenPoetryIsFail. Originally Posted by Kooz. Yeah the pic says Q1 and Q2 keep in mind were in the middle of Q2and the 2nd half could patreon naked anything maplestory 2 could be in the 3rd Q instead of the 4th so whatever. The following 3 users give a about this post Dark LinkKoozLuxeraph. The following 2 users give a about this post Dark LinkLuxeraph.

It's probably the shittiest class yet. Its attack speed is the slowest out of all the other magicians. But, if you do sit and wait over 9, minutes, you'll be presented with the worst damage out of all the other classes in the game as well.

A complete copy of the bandit class with flashier looking animations. Made entirely so Nexon can get more money since all the 4th Job skillbooks need to be bought in the cash shop.

The Resistance are the ultimate class consisting of three jobs located in some town in Nazi Germany. You start off as a Jew but are quickly recruited by the Resistance to help rid Germany of all the Nazis and prevent the resurrection of the Black Magician.

Only available in Korea right now. Battle Mage This job uses black magic and shit. Wild Hunter Furfag job. You ride a Jaguar the entire time while firing off arrows at maplestory enemies. This job is all about maplestory the impossible hot fat women getting fucked touching the untouchable.

One of the first skills you get goddamn drill attack. The best of the resistance rule because their instructor is Pedobear. In an effort for Nexon to pocket more money like the jews they are, they recently released 3 new classes that have the weeaboo meter hit the fucking ceiling. Fortunately for Youthis little shits will get their cum-filled anuses nerfed.

Demon slayer A shitty reskin of the warrior class with daddy issues and sexually conflicted. Used by Emo Faggots because the flashy dark effects are just compensation for no penis. Cannoneer As if the Mech didn't satisfy these greedy faggots enough, the jews at nexon introduced this shitpile of gunpowder and fail.

It uses its hand cannon to fire shit at enemies. Overpowered as hell in misha cross early levels, but useless like a box of blondes in the end. Mercedes Still has the same kind of fail as superhero xxx comics, except they use Fucking unicorns in their skills. Only You would play this class. She starts off with maplestory boyfriend, but loses his D when her MLP obsession got out of hand.

Tales have been told that people who played this class would remain a virgin, but you will always be a virgin so you don't have to worry. Since the Legends classes got out of style Nexon made two new classes even shittier than ever.

And as always, the newfags bandwagon this shit like wildfire. Re-skinned gunslinger while adding a dash of star trek faggotry. The skillset of this pile of fail was supposed to be planned to balance the already shitty pirate class, but Nexon trolled everyone by making a new class. It's basically the same fucking thing. The only lulz-worthy class to play with. Uses a fucking pimp-cane and cards to attack, but has the ability of stealing other people's skills, rendering parties useless.

Starts weak in the first job, but the second job onward will prison rape you like mad. One of the 5 Legendary hero classes. People have been bitching about Phantom's assraping them in popular training spots, instead of solving the problem nexon released 3 new classes of pure faggotry. Yet ANOTHER rehash of the oh so popular magican class, with 2 diffrent eye colors and the option to go fuck yourself with a new weapon rule "Rod" what more do you want? What would you get if you could combine the Emoness of the Demon Slayer and Aang?

Well I got the answer, Kaiser He has wings and a tail and can rule into this dragon thingy Yet again Nexon just proves how much of a faggot and weeaboo they are. They created a rehash of the gunslinger but not only that! The made this bitch have sailor moon powers and there's also this whole transforming montage, the fuck?

Weeaboos of all ages will enjoy fapping to this bitch Surprisingly this stupid ass game still exists and poor excuse of a company Nexon exists as well. Probably cause weeaboo faggots won't stop jerking off the angelic buster porn but whatever. And so the Japanese pedo masses begged and circle jerked on their lame excuse of a forums until Nexon finally unleashed from the depths of their asshole a horrible once Japanese Maplestory "exclusive" to the masses.

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Ironic right? A half assed class that has a lolli running around and summoning trolls and fur fags to fight for her, she would've been a lulz worthy class but failed cause she's rule 34 material, and a fur-faggot.

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The final and most pathetic excuse of a class Nexon shat out into the public restroom at Ikea last Thursday. Its pretty much another gay love child of Demon Slayer and Aang that should've been aborted along with Kaiser.

Due to the overload of furfags and weeaboos from the previous classes, Nexon attempted to get the Emo and Star Trek losers back into their shitty ass game.

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But failed horribly as they just brought more furfags with the misleading title "Unleashed" where Sonic fags would think of rule stupid ass game "Sonic Unleashed" and fap to the idea of it while giving more money to the gooks at Shannon stewart sex. Nevertheless Nexon will continue to fail no matter how many electricbuggaloos they create.

Xenon The failed attempt of trying to reclaim the Star Trek fags into Nexon's shitty game. He has a bowl cut and uses a tazer whip used by Hitler, suggesting gook supremacy to the White man and jews, but they fail to realize how small they are. He rehashes the Pirate and Thief class, both at once! They sure aren't running out of ideas. Demon Avenger The sexually conflicted Emo faggot that was suppose to rake in tons of dough maplestory North Korea is back!

And with more daddy issues than ever! This time, he uses HP to attack rather than his nonexistent penis. Meaning he cuts himself to hurt others, but fails miserably like every Emo faggot who thinks people give a fuck about their cuts. MapleStory happens to be run by some of the most Jew groups of Azns in the world.

They'll say they're interested to know what users wantbut rly, they're more concerned with gold-plating their cocksheaths and raping the shit out of your mommy's bank account. Because of this, people feel the need to whine, bitch, and moan about every little thing they find wrong with the recent version, even if there's nothing to bitch about.

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Not to mention they ignore problem causers, such as hackers, while going for easy targets like anyone who has been reported through the in-game system for "harassment. In addition, Nexon decided to divide the Global server up into about 17 different servers around the world and blocked access to the Global server from a shitload of foreign IPs.

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As a result, those who played Global not only lost their characters, they could no longer play with their butt-buddies in America. This group of foreign rejects reluctantly switched over to European MapleStory, or EMS, which is available for Eurofags in a variety of languages.

This leads to one of two possibilities: Either Nexon is a collection of lazy fuckwits, or they are the greatest accidental trolls ever conceived. Angelic Buster 79? Mercedes 55? Luminous 44? MapleStory2 42?

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Anonymous : I get that futa stuff isn't your thing, Toons, Anonymous : Wow, fun finding my art here.


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maplestory 2 rule 34 cara topless Maple Story for Americunts. Think of an unholy cross between Gaia OnlineMarioeverything evil ever to be included on the internetsand any other color- and anime-overdosed game. Arguably the most popular F2P game in the world, and as such the player base constantly argues with the Ragnarok Online fans over which game is betterwhich is complete bullshit because we all know every MMO game sucks. MapleStory is infamous for a wide variety of reasons, but to sum it up in a sentence, it would be "the same problem Wikis suffer from, in that anyone can be a contributing member. To begin with, one of the worst parts of MapleStory is undoubtedly the community.
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