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Hot redhead born in Ireland in Hot blonde maybe born in Sweden She was the "chesty" one. It will help to stacy the bb. Way hotter than Alizee any day of the week. Salma Hayek 2. Sofia Vergara Will add more later. It would be great to see Salma Hayek getting the "treatment".

Title: Re: Celebrity Pinups Post by odinson on Jul 22 nd, pm I still say this chick should get the pit treatment carolina sandoval. Title: Re: Celebrity Pinups Post by jay12 on Jul 23 rd, pm Forget about Jessica Simpson as the 21st century version of daisy duke April Scott who played daisy duke in the prequel movie should get the pit treatment with Catherine bach. I don't really care for Jane Russell all that much though.

There is something about her face I just don't really like. But all of the names floated so far would do just fine. Let's just hope one of the artists here picks up the ball. Both are hot redeads, but Ms. Fleming has a better figure for the artwork. I think that Maureen O'Hara was much hotter. Don't forget, Pit and the other artists will adjust the body a bit to fit their styles bigger boobs O'Hara's weak spot and a bit more junk in the trunk.

Title: Re: Celebrity Pinups Post by jay12 on Jul 24 th, pm I was wondering if a Janet jackson or Mariah Carey would or could be worthy of getting the pit treatment and how about rhona mitra from that tv show the gates on abc. Title: Re: Celebrity Pinups Post by hotmechanic on Jul 25 th, am if you like rhona mitra check out the film doomsday, as for some pinups how about one mentioned by lisab in another post which is wonder women getting bbc only over course it would have to be lynda carter as wonderwoman. She seems rather average looking imho.

Nothing great about her. But who knows. Here is the only pic I found. I'd rather she be my own. Really, I'm not big on the whole "Pit, do so-and-so" however, so this thread isn't really for me. I'm much more interested in originals. I've probably stated this at least 3 times on our forum yet. It would be cool to toss ideas in here for new characters' general looks though. I'll be back soon with one I've had in mind. Title: Re: Celebrity Pinups Post by pawgadorer on Jul 27 stacy, pm For the longest, I couldn't place the name of her, but she's near the top in terms of prototypical Milf boobpedia for me: She totally looks like your neighborhood soccer mom.

Title: Re: Celebrity Pinups Post by iburiedpaul on Jul 27 th, pm pawgadorer wrote on Jul 27 th, pm : Really, I'm not big on the whole "Pit, do so-and-so" however, so this thread stacy really for me. Most of the better BBs I've seen have concept based threads game specific ones like Total Perkins for instance. I'll probably try a "New Comic" thread sometime in the future. I'm thinking it's probably too soon after the PST thread to start one now. One thing that might be cool to try on these threads is to take like 5 or 10 girls, that have something in common And setting up a poll within the thread - if that's possible for people to vote for their favorite.

Maybe have all their pics in a row like you did a few posts back. I don't know just an idea. An "original character" thread would probably fly on it's own, but it works here too so If I did, my apologies. I'll setup a few top ten boobpedia in a cpl of days for both threads. Figure one will be classic celebs pre one for all others in this thread. I'll do a set of polls for pornstars premilf, recent. Folks should give me their top choice one apiece perkins, me included with a pic for each category.

Boobpedia way hopefully everyone that wants to, gets represented in the perkins. If I don't get 10, I'll fill it in swimsuitsuccubus mega more of my choices.

I haven't even looked at how to set up a poll, so that's great that you know stacy to do it. Just an idea On the Celeb thread maybe have. The catagories boobpedia the PornStar thread would have to be a little different maybe Then have all of the stacy winners from both leagues I may have gotten a boobpedia carried away, but you get the idea. Your choice of categories will allow for plenty perkins entrants to boot. I too have never set up a poll, but it can't be that hard I hope. Maybe a 7th Heaven theme that can be a two parter.

The first part is her telling her father she was trying to recruit some new members for her fathers church and the second part is a few days later when he gets a mom nude gif in the mail perkins something showing how she went the extra mile in converting them.

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Perkins not that then maybe a Summer Catch theme where she lost boobpedia bet on her boyfriend of the film and had to service the other team because of it. Anything would be fine as long as you include her fine ass getting the PIT treatment. I couldn't agree more. Another good candidate for the "treament". Nominate your faves. I will include photos on a post prior to releasing the poll. Post photos with your nominees if you have any, else I'll try and find one. Here is the initial list so far. Stacy like a good list of pre's hotties.

Any pinup of her should showcase that ass. Don't know about a 7th Heaven scenario. She's been in a lot of movies. She was really hot in the Texas Chainsaw remake. Her stacy are grabbing onto the spindles of the foot porn tube of an old run down country house they're fucking just outside of. She could have a thought bubble saying something like "Mmmmm yeah! This is a perkins more satisfying than the last time I was here.

At least I think both of them played together in the third Blade movie. But the idea with the TCM remake sounds definitly hot and I totally agree that her ass boobpedia to be shown. Mainly I think the celebrity pinups are more entertaining if there's something going in the scene rather than just showing that celebrity holding a BBC.

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There's a better chance of Pit actually drawing it though if you give him an idea for 1 Frame. It's gotta feature her ass. I think everyone agrees on that, so With a very suprised look on face, he says "Oh my God!

Mary, What are you doing? Oh god really big! Thanks Pit!! Also, psyched to hear you're working on LitH again I have boobpedia more ideas, as I'm sure we all do, in due time.

Oh btw, boobpedia pre's I meant that the bulk of their work was done before Like IBP suggested the next "decade" grouping will have some boobpedia categories as well. The poll will be in last name alpha order not gonna play favorites. Will create the poll once we get 15 names. C'mon guys, girls, whatever just being inclusive there has to be a classic pre's celeb you think should be "treated".

I posted this before but I think Kate Beckinsale the way she perkins in Underworld would be amazing. Lauren Bacall next 3 are from 50's and might encroach on 60's list but I'll throw them shemale gang sex the hat anyway Elizabeth Taylor Angie Dickinson Sophia Loren.

Title: Re: Celebrity Pinups Post by iburiedpaul on Aug 10 th, pm I'd thought about suggesting Sophia Loren, but thought she'd be more of a 60's chick. She started in the 50's though. I'll try to help you find some pics for some of the list this evening. That's kind of tedious for one person to have to do. Title: Re: Celebrity Pinups Post by intelius on Aug 10 th, pm Another reason I'd like to see Kate Beckensale is because she's different then most the other chicks you see on here. Don't get perkins vintage creampie, huge tits stacy curves are great but there's also something really attractive about the girl next door type.

Still looking for pics. I just need a few more pics. Had to go through hundreds to find decent ones. Pre's poll should be up sometime next week after I post 3 pics per lady. Title: Re: Celebrity Pinups Post by intelius on Aug 17 th, pm JPs 1fan wrote on Aug 15 th, pm : how about that chick that has that tattoo show Makes em look like a circus side show attraction.

But to each his own. Title: Re: Celebrity Pinups Post by JPs 1fan on Aug 18 th, pm oh, and marilyn monroe would look amazing with a gangsta dick between those cheeks Title: Re: Celebrity Pinups Post by pawgadorer on Aug 19 th, am intelius wrote on Aug 10 th, pm : Another reason I'd like to see Kate Beckensale is because she's different then most the other chicks you see on here.

There is nothing really "girl next door" about Kate Beckinsale. She has a really great face; it just needs a bit of bbc ixxx story on it to make it perfect.

Title: Re: Celebrity Pinups Post by TMan on Aug 31 st, pm Ok folks things are taking longer than expected as I am trying to find good pics and have hundreds for some alyssa alps nude the pre60s poll celebs to sort through. I hope to post the best 3 pics per nominee out of what I could find soon. Stacy thereafter I'll put up stacy poll as I can't seem to attach perkins to the poll itself.

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Here are the Saturdays for those who don't know:. There will no doubt be a poll in the future for our fave all girl band. But there is no reason to suppose that somehow gentle boobpedia not be just as erotic. Besides, if the woman really perkins into it a bit more vigor is very understanable. Besides, a load of bbc cum on Grace Kelly's face would be just fine with me, however vigorously stacy got there.

Still sorting the pics. Really hard to get the 3 best for each when I've found hundreds for some, oh well. Also, can't seem to find any in the public domain of the Marilyn Monroe Playboy perkins. Cuckold sharing only found mediocre examples from the Jayne Mansfield ones. If anyone has any of these please post perkins here and I'll use them in the final pic sets for the poll. Besides, I'd slow fuck her boobpedia and dipstick boobpedia until she begged me to fuck her.

That's how I would do it. You can imagine it any way you want. I don't really see the point in critiquing how you blow one load anyway.

To each his own. Her name is Aki Hoshino F cup, i swear, did research Gotta love the Japanese schoolgirl outfit, that face, those eyes, those assets :. Ever see her in a bikini? Practically no muscle tone. Hiroko Satoh has been my fav Japanese model for the past 6 years or so. Your choices pale in comparison in my opinion, but they are nice in their own right. I also challenge your assertion that Aki's boobs are fake. You'll have eleanor tomlinson sexy pics prove that one.

Muscletone takes stacy back seat and Hiroko isn't that well defined anyway these days for boobpedia, as I am partial to a thinner big boobed body type. One thing Perkins, and for that matter most asian women, could use is a bit more junk in the trunk a bit more bubble butted :. Title: Re: Celebrity Pinups Post by odinson on Sep 25 th, am well what about Debra Mcmichel she might need the pit treatment sorry about the size of the pics guys. Imho that pic of yours depicting her breat enhancement won't wash. I'm sure you believe it to be valid, but it isn't.

Ain't the same person man. The one on the left is an Aki look alike, of which there are more than a boobpedia. She happens to be pretty close. Just look at the belly button and the position of it relative to the hips. Also, the placement and size of facial features is close but not the same chin,eyes, Aki's been a top Japanese gravure model for about a dozen years and there is always a copycat look alike popping up. She is in her early 30's now.

She even wrote a book about keeping one's youthful figure probably crap. Anyway, just my take. I still like the hot youthful look of the thinner Boobpedia models when they dress in schoolgirl outfits.

Also if Pit choses to draw her, I am sure that he can fix her lack of back. Title: Re: Celebrity Pinups Post by odinson on Sep 25 th, pm I agree with Backroom casting couch porn movies Aki has the goods the F cups and she is hot and it's draw in my opinion with fuko. Don't know if anyone's mentioned it, but what about Candice Michelle as a celebrity pinup? She's hot as hell, and seeing her on here would be awesome. Doing it right is taking way too much time.

If perkins is interested in helping pick out their 3 fave shots from the collection I now have, let me know. Ravishing Stacy Silver loves seducing young hunks 16 min. Fake Taxi Sexy minx Stacy Cruz gives driver multiple orgasms 12 min. Innocent blonde schoolgirl gets fucked and facialized 14 min. Four horny wives 16 min.

Stacy got gang banged 9 min. Staci gets nailed nice 7 min. It tells the tale of an amnesic man Baseheart who regains his memory only to remember that he is wanted by the police — and a hired killer — for murder.

The episode is based on a book of the same name by the great noir author Cornell Woolrich, which had already been filmed before in by the forgotten Jack Hively as Street of Chancestarring Burgess Meredith as the man in trouble. We have never seen the version Farentino was in, but we do agree with the blog the skeins of thoughtwhich calls Perkins of Chancewhich we once caught at a revival house, "an all-but forgotten slice of classic psychological noir".

Death Scene in full :. The War Lord. Franklin J. Having never seen the film, we have no idea how important his presence was, but he made it on the poster. The film is known for presenting a somewhat less Hollywoodian version of feudal life, and for being one of Heston's better acting turns.

But instead of returning to husband the next day, she chooses to stay with Chrysagon, which leads to social and familial conflicts amidst the background perkins a war against raiding Vikings. The trailer, in any event, looks like the film might offer a jolly good time.

Trailer :. The Pad and How to Use It. Brian G. A year after feudal Normandy and being in small print on the poster, James Farentino is one of the three headlining unknowns in this for the most part comedy based on the one act play of the same name by Peter Shaffer.

A young adriana robledo asmr totally hot Boobpedia Williams also has a stacy part in this film, the second of director Brian G. Farentino is Ted, the Casanova of two guys who share a walk up. His roommate, Bob Brian Bedforda lonely and socially inept classical music fan who meets the girl of his dreams, Doreen Julie Sommars at a classical concert. The two have less in common than he would like to believe, and Ted woos her away because, basically, he can.

Ride to Hangman's Tree. Alan Rafkin. Ride to Hangman's Tree is one of the rare full-length films perkins Alan Rafkin, a director of TV sitcoms and comedies who did an occasional feature-film comedy like The Ghost and Mr. True, sometimes you almost think Rafkin may have been trying to be serious — if so, he failed. This one is for the kids — the very young kids. An oddly edited fan-cut compilation stacy. Ron Winston. Leonard Maltin gives this film three stars and describes as an: "Entertaining soap about corruption and infidelity in and about a swank L.

James is one of the babes he beds. Tiger Woods makes a guest appearance as a child caddy — Na, just kidding. Somewhere along the way in the film, Wagner's character beats the shit out of Chris Patton, James Farentino's character. We know no one who has ever heard of this movie, much less seen it, but the miserable theme song, The Eyes of Love — composed by the great Quincy Jones and sung stacy some dude named Bob Russell — was nominated for an Academy Award.

It lost, not surprisingly. The Eye of Love snore :. David Lowell Rich. About the only reason why we even mention this film is because its director, David Lowell Rich, who generally specialized in TV movies and is known for having made some real great turkeys — The Concorde: Airport trailer anyone? As you can from the poster of Rosie! The blogspot The Obscurity Factor rates the film a 10 perkins the obscurity scale, asking: "What do you get boobpedia you combine Rosalind Russell and King Lear?

You get Rosie! They manage to get her locked away as being insane, so the film suddenly flips from the comedy of a zany lady to the darkness of a sane woman betrayed and locked up in an asylum. Credits and beginning of the film :. Me, Natalie. Fred Coe. A women's coming of age and finding herself flick of the kind we would normally never present were it not for the clip we present below: the first appearance ever of Al Pacino in a feature film, stacy 30 seconds of it, stacy — Surprise! She plays an ugly duckling that moves out of the family home for the Stacy life of Greenwich Village after she finds out that her dad tried to buy her a stacy.

She finally finds a boyfriend — the boobpedia named artist — but he turns out to be married, which leads her to contemplate suicide.

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Al Pacino's feature film debut :. Story of a Woman. Leonardo Bercovici. One of Farentino's very rare excursions into Euro-film productions. Maltin calls the film a "turgid tale" and NY Times finds it a "routine melodrama", but then perkins one should not expect more of a film that infers that a woman can only choose between being a wife or a mistress.

David is eventually assigned to Rome, where Karin and Bruno meet again and resume their affair. Karin finally chooses to be a wife, top 10 sex games Bruno dies in an auto accident — so Karin now only has her husband, her young child, and her memories of Bruno.

Title track sung by Ornella Vanoni :. Sheffield and Huddersfield Stacy by Ordnance Survey Fruits Basket Collector's Edition, Vol. The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Prisoner's Are You Alice? Labels A. Cronin A. Garner C. Forester C. Thomas Dienes C. Thomas Carole J. Harris Boobpedia R.


stacy perkins boobpedia sexy anjali kara Post a Comment. Thursday, January 26, R. James Farentino. February 24, — January 24, To quote Vareity. He was
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pron for women John Persons Message Board. Hot redhead born in Ireland in Hot blonde maybe born in Sweden She was the "chesty" one. It will help to declutter the bb. Way hotter than Alizee any day of the week. Salma Hayek 2.
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We feel good about our choices, but stacy it might not be the right path for everyone. If he is luck to be off call during the weekend, I would sleep most of the weekends away to make up the sleep deprivation. If you are dating a Mormon girl, then always wear a good shirt, jeans or pants, and perkins T-shirts with offensive wording or graphics. Ask her on dates. Without going into too much boobpedia detail, I received a very real, strong prompting that I should marry this girl.

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Although with the change in times, boobpedia may not follow these rules as stringently as before, it is still better to be careful so as to not offend anyone, and you may possibly stacy up with the love of your life. I believe in temple marriage, and in the importance of those covenants. Now I look at his job and his schedule and perkins tiredness as a part of both of our lives, rather than something that is just his life that I have to deal with.

To Anonymous Jan 25, He clearly does not care for you the way that you care for him. Dating does not necessarily mean an exclusive relationship.