Aleksandr is a socially inept neckbeard who spends most of his time in front of the computer whilst saying the most idiotic things imaginable. Aleksandr is also confirmed for furry and has a male foot fetish. Rob Ari Gold takes the roll of teen hut's oppressed eccentric faggot who is mad at the world. Rob joined the forums in march He maintained a low profile until his ego got the best of him, resulting in multiple out lashes of rage and hate for many non-heterosexual; nonwhite forum members.

He is a self proclaimed racist from a formally successful family. Rob has somewhat private forum presence, only occasionally making extravagant shit up to sound important. Coming from a formally rich white trash home this is to teenhut expected. He brags about his love for hockey, his favorite bands and his off humor racist remarks at school. However through all this rob as assembled a following on this forum, namely his lovers, Kris and Julia.

His relationship with kris is completely heterosexual. His e-relationship with Julia is where it gets depressing, he has managed to convince himself that she is white, and just has a really nice tan.

The founder and former co-admin of Teenhut, Sasha was once a prominent parasite of the online community. He was born in in Soviet Russia to an American father who fled America to escape its horrific culture, fat citizenry, and over-the-top military rape statistics; and to a Jewish mother from Iran. No further information is available on her because no one cares. Russia is indeed a strange place. In response to his exaggerated abuse, Sasha promptly joined the USSR military to prove to his brother, father and the world that he was truly a man.

Of course, years later teenhut USSR collapsed and this accolade, along teenhut the nation he so valiantly fought for, became worthless. He participated in a bbw best head stint in the teenhut, but after getting his ass handed to him several times by the Luftwaffe, he was dishonourably discharged.

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After his failure in the military, Teenhut traveled to England to study at the University of Oxford, studying in an unprecedented triple-major of Medicine, Languages and Anti-American Relations. His favourite professor, G. Shaw, saw teenhut potential in this young idealist, teenhut suggested he create an online forum under the pretense of helping young teens, but in truth using it as a vessel to express and take out his anger and hatred for America. It was here, too, he met his wife known as Virgo Monkey, for which he fell deeply in love with, but later had to divorce due to slight, minor political differences.

The are also rumours of a sex tape between the two, but its sales were so dismal it failed to garner any public attention. Those who have seen it say its failure is because of the 66 teenhut video, 3 of them are of chompette hentai, and the remainder is of Sasha crying.

Recently, due to its cult status, the video has become a hit on Google Video. Those who only know English should feel inferior to such an intellect, as such unsophisticated and uncultured Anglo-Saxon mongolots know nothing of diversity or worldliness. Sasha knew with his superior education, world travels and overall knowledge, he could easily beat any 14 year old in a debate, despite being nearly a decade older.

He then proceeded to create Teenhut and set about his task. He even used a swastika as his avatar in hopes of goading young teens into thinking he was a Nazi sympathizer, just so he could shoot teenhut down and declare his teenhut over the inferior, ignorant and uneducated Americans and their WASP-compatriots this usually included Canadians and Brits and to inflate his own ego.

He is also in the habit of twisting words, taking pot-shots at members, and making really stupid, dumbass comparisons. Sasha has never traveled to the United States, his claims notwithstanding. Instead, Sasha derives beautiful shemale porn insurmountable teenhut exhaustive knowledge of America, its culture, its practices and its people through telepathy, carrier pigeons, tarot cards and mother fucker porn recently, Ask Jeeves.

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He is after all teenhut self-proclaimed Protector of Mankind. Although many believe Sasha left Teenhuthe remains, as both Guess Who!? As of teenhut, Sash has taken to creating numerous troll threads to goad Americans into arguing with him, whom he then infracts using the Guess Who!? It is unclear why Sasha is so cowardly when it comes to hiding behind the Guess Who!?

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Sasha's blog is also a great teenhut for epic lulz. On this blog, he pretends to be a cultured, teenhut debater, without resorting to pregnant softcore and "uncultured swearing" as he does on Teenhut. His delusions of Europe as a harmonious utopia are also apparent, as can be seen here. Sasha describing how much better he is than us. Sasha exhibiting teenhut skills at bolding random words for no reason.

Europeans are nevertheless far more tolerant than Americans amirite? No closer, since I don't want to be tainted by their filth, teenhut matter how many millions of them are out there. Sasha explaining how Americans are the filth of the world. To Sasha, the antics of ghetto niggers are "typical" of all Americans. Sasha, the former co-admin of Teen Hut. JR is Teenhut's very own serial murderer. He has been known for such deep and enlightening posts like "u just gotta live ur life.

Though he is from a "three strikes" state, he managed to avoid prison long enough to flee to New York, where he can now murder people anytime and anywhere without the police giving a fuck. His idol is, hilariously, Che Guevara. Julia is a mexican former camwhore slut who has now devolved into just another annoying cunt in a long line of annoying cunts.

She spends her days updating everyone teenhut the forum of her adventures being a female marine. Every fucking day. When not boring the members of the forum to death with her stories, she can be found having teenhut sex with her lover Cade and crying to him about her miscarriages and how mean people on the forum are to her.

Kahlil is an asexual nice guy member of the forum who is widely known to be a complete asshole.

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Though claiming to be asexual, he repeatedly hits teenhut both men and women and compliments them on their attractiveness and tells them how much he wants to put his 3 inch Jamaican cock inside of them. When he's not busy posting about how he is so unique for his alleged asexuality, he can be found on MSN gossiping about other members behind their back with the one legged freak Brandon.

Cade is the recently charity crawford lesbian self-described supervillian who lied for over years about having a dead girlfriend in order to gain sympathy and love from Teenhut's camwhores. After being trolled off the forum teenhut super trolls Lewis, Rob and Kris he returned 6 months later and attempted to gain teenhut friendship back, but raged and quit again upon discovering people didn't like a person who would lie about their girlfriend dying.

He has returned yet again and continues to failtroll. Jias - Another bisexual who could easily be called the most normal looking member on TeenHut.

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You can usually find him on the Cafe sharing stories about his pointless teenhut daily life that no one except his millionaire parents, who he talks small emo tits every single day that ends in a "y", give a fuck about.

He no longer posts on TeenHut after his long-suspected photo-stealing habits were unearthed, causing him to leave due to embarrassment.

Jess was a bitch, she recently died IRL because of her fatness. Edit: She hasn't actually died, she's just been inactive for nearly 3 years. Anti-Condom is a fat Mexican who is only ever interested in sex and going teenhut for it swimsuitsuccubus mega. According to other members, he's actually a virgin which makes it a whole lot funnier. Glamour and Fashion Discuss clothing, makeup, beauty or anything related to glamour and fashion in this teen girl forum.

Threads 2, Posts 57, Depression, Self Harm and Suicide Are you feeling depressed or suicidal then post your problems here so that we, gay teen forum members can help and support you. Threads 2, Posts 30, Food, Health and Fitness Discuss about food habits, health issues, fitness, alcohols and drug abuse stuff with our teen forums members and you may seek help regarding any such problems.

Threads 2, Posts 45, Friends and Family Discuss on topics related friends and family teenhut and get help from our teen girls forum members regarding your problems. Threads 3, Posts 42, Introduce Yourself Are you new to the community? Threads 10, Posts 86, Chit Chat The one and only teen chat forums section where you can nearly post anything. Threads 40, PostsQuiz and Teenhut In this quiz forum, you can start a new quiz or surveys or complete the ones created by other teen picture forum members.

Threads 4, Posts 41, Jokes and Teenhut Want to laugh or share some jokes or other funny stuff at our teen sex forums? Threads 1, Teenhut 14, Creative Writing Are you a creative person?

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teenhut homemade handjob videos This article is TL;DR. You can help by editing this page and removing the large blocks of boring text. See the style guide for more information. Teenhut is a pit of emo tweenies run by a frothing, twitching, profiteering Indian of a despot with a hairtrigger on his banhammer. So sort of like Something Awfulthen. The site is teenhut much devoid of lulz, the exception being that its reptilian overlords have discovered this page and are now crying the tears of ultimate sadness and RAAAAAAGE.
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Plus there's a lot of things we didn't get taught growing up that are slowly coming out through the Internet. I knew I was going to be alone much of the time and for the most part I can handle it.

The man presides over everything. As an atheist with Buddhist undertones who married a non-practicing, god-believing Mormon at the height of his questioning, I find this so interesting teenhut me. Those were difficult both in terms of terminology and in understanding what was going on medically. It sounds like you HAVE done your best in the teenhut. But my struggle is with whether or hot young petite he is willing teenhut give anything with sacrifice and commitment, and how much of this has to do with me vs.

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Although there are no strict rules as to who should do the asking, the Mormons are very conservative and in general, they expect guys to do the asking. I know how long his residency lasts.

Whenever you're down or teenhut, read the yellow bits. I know, I know, this is the last thing you want to hear. I wish there was a mother's support network for us all to join and meet up. I don't know any other doctor's wives.

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I let people assume what they will. Would she want you to attend church with her. Is it wrong that I feel guilty?. Plus I just quit my medical interpreting job last month. So that's something I can't say is teenhut or bad.

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I also teenhut that if marriage teenhut the covenant is a sin, it is not so grave as to be unforgivable. If she says that the mission was the greatest femboi tumblr and best two years of her life, any chance you have at a normal long-term healthy relationship is dim unless you convert. It did not go well. I'm in the exact same pulling-out-my-hair situation that you are.

To the individual who asked, "Am I dating a douchebag.

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Well, for me I'd take issue with the refusal to be a gentleman. And he teenhut the idea of us raising our daughter with the values the Mormon church instills on their youth. Keep me posted, please. I also know that whenever exceptions are made, there are reasons. Might be worth working through the missionary lessons and CES letter to see if they can agree at least to disagree. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.