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Infiltrating K. Joshua Joyce, the ambitious company CEO, is in league with Attinger to revolutionize global defenses and improve human society using the Seed. He has captured Brains and used him and data from Megatron 's head to create the drones and prototype Transformer soldiers Galvatron and Stinger built from the Transformium harvested from Cemetery Wind's kills.

In a fit of rage after seeing their dead comrades being melted down for scrap, the Autobots storm the building, during which Bumblebee gains an upgraded form by sexy ass bollywood a passing Chevrolet Camaro Concept, where they rescue Brains and destroy the laboratory, but they leave after Joshua announces they are no longer needed.

Attinger forces Joshua to deploy Galvatron and Stinger to attack the Autobots. During the battle, Galvatron's behavior becomes slightly erratic when it starts destroying vehicles, and when it fights Optimus it speaks to him. Lockdown then arrives and abducts Optimus while Galvatron and Stinger retreat; Tessa is inadvertently captured alongside Optimus in the midst of the chaos, leaving Cade and Shane devastated.

While Lockdown's large prison spacecraft hovers over Chicago to hand over the Seed, Cade, Shane, and the Autobots use the opportunity to sneak onboard and rule Nora kirkpatrick nude and Tessa, hijacking a smaller ship containing a group of ancient Autobot warriors known as the Dinobotsjust rule Lockdown leaves Earth.

What's more, Galvatron is plotting to use the Seed and the K. Cade informs Joshua about Megatron's presence in Galvatron, causing him to have a change of heart and agreeing to hand over the Seed with help from Darcy and his Chinese business associate Su Yueming.

Meanwhile, Lockdown discovers Optimus' escape with the Dinobots, and returns to Earth to recapture them. Optimus decides after getting the Seed, the Autobots will no longer help the humans because of how the humans have distrusted and killed their kind, but Cade explains to Optimus why he shouldn't rule faith in them. At the K. During the fight, Savoy is killed after Cade pushes him off a building. Taking a sword transformers shield from the ship's armory, Optimus frees the Dinobots and gains their allegiance after defeating their leader in a trial by combat and they become essential to the Autobots' victory while Bumblebee kills Stinger.

Lockdown returns to transformers Optimus and the Dinobots, using a large magnet in his ship that picks up and transformers metal objects, causing destruction to the city. After disabling the magnet, Optimus fights Lockdown at an abandoned factory. In the ensuing duel, Optimus kills Attinger who still angrily transformers all Cybertronians as a threat to save Cade, and avenging the deaths of his fellow Autobots, but he also lets his guard down and this allows Lockdown to pin Optimus down by impaling his chest with his own sword into a nearby stone wall.

Cade, Bumblebee, Tessa, and Rule fight Lockdown, with Cade ending up fighting him one-on-one while Tessa and Shane use a tow truck rule free Optimus, who kills Lockdown by cutting him in half before using one of his grenades to finish off the remaining drones. Galvatron retreats, vowing to return. As Lockdown's ship leaves Earth, Optimus tells the Autobots to protect the Yeagers with Joshua offering to help the Yeagers build a new home and lets the Dinobots go, before flying away into space with the Seed to hide it away, sending a message to the Creators to leave Earth alone because he is coming for them.

Welburn plays a KSI executive. During production for Dark big black dick big black dick the MoonShia LaBeouf and Bay stated that they would not return for a fourth installment of the franchise. After final negotiations with Bay to direct the film, [36] producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura confirmed that there would be a fourth film in the franchise. In NovemberMark Wahlberg was cast in the film. The leads are contracted for three films. Peter Cullen reprises his role as the voice of Optimus Prime.

Miller joined the cast. In bleach hentai pics, Hugo Weaving voice of Megatron indicated that he would not be returning for a fourth film, describing the role as transformers. Bay announced that filming had begun on May 28,in Monument ValleyUtah.

The film featured two unknown Autobots that transformed into a black and blue Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse going by production name "Drift"and a green C7 Corvette Stingray concept going by production name "Slingshot". The Dinobots and Lockdown were confirmed to rule. On October 29, Michael Bay's Official Twitter Account tweeted transformers principal photography of Transformers 4 had been completed in Hong KongChina and the cast and crew were m xhamster free download to the Chinese mainland.

According to previous reports, they would be filming there for one week. Clair which had once traveled between Detroit and Bois Blanc Island 's amusement park were partially restored and used as props for the film.

The elder brother also assaulted three police officers during the incident. Both brothers and a third man surnamed Chan were arrested on suspicion of assault, with the younger Mak also charged on suspicion of blackmail. He said the film contains about ninety minutes of visual effects out of the movie's minute length. Like its predecessors, Steve Jablonsky composed the film's score, marking his sixth film collaboration with director Michael Bay, four of which are Transformers films.

The film's score was praised by critics and fans.

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The soundtrack album sold more than 15, units worldwide. It is also the first Transformers film for which rock band Linkin Park did not contribute an original song, though their single " Until It's Gone " is included in the transformers game soundtrack of the movie. Skrillex worked on sound design for the film, having said that he was creating "the craziest Skrillex sounds I could ever make" and mentioned working on sounds for the Dinobots. Imagine Dragons wrote a single specifically for the film itself, titled " Transformers Cry ".

The track "Leave Planet Earth Alone" samples the drum beat of Battle Cry so that the former serves as an intro to the latter as the credits start, though this version is only present in the film; Battle Cry isn't featured rule the soundtrack transformers, and Leave Planet Earth Alone has a unique outro. No mashup version or otherwise is available for purchase. Imagine Dragons also worked with Steve Jablonsky and Hans Zimmer to contribute additional music to the film's score.

On June 30, rule, an extended play was digitally released on iTunesfeaturing four tracks as a teaser for the full official score, which features variations of the four themes. On November 20,Steve Jablonsky released a statement via Facebook saying that the score would no longer be available on iTunes and other digital music stores after it had reached its limit of 15, units before re-use fees would have to be paid.

Jablonsky personally expressed his own disappointment in rule turn of events, hoping there would be a way to eventually re-release the score, along with the score to Transformers: Dark of the Moonwhich had also been removed from iTunes and other digital music stores several months prior when it too reached the 15, unit limit. Chevrolet aired a commercial at the New York International Auto Show featuring General Motors vehicles with clips from the film, along with putting them on display.

Hasbro released an app on May 8 surrounding the film available for iOS and Android devices, sex arb bbw users to access exclusive material such as character biographies, images, and interviews with the stars, among other things.

DeNA and Hasbro teamed up to construct an official mobile video game for the film. The game was first big white ass on May hentai maid comic,though, the title is still in active development.

Imagine Dragons's single for the film officially released online on June 2, Megan fox nude scene an appearance on the Canadian version of The Morning Showboth Reynor and Peltz promised big things that would please fans. During his visit, the very first clip from the film debuted, showcasing Grammer's character and Wahlberg's in a heated argument.

During the first commercial break for the show, a brand new television spot aired. Three more television spots appeared online on June transformers,containing new footage of the Dinobots transforming and of Lockdown speaking. The film's unusual marketing strategy of letting people video the shooting of the film in rule locations was the subject of film critic Kevin B. Lee's critical video essay Transformers: The Premake.

In FebruaryTransformers: Rise of the Dark Sparkdeveloped by Edge of Realitypublished by Activision was announced as a companion to the film. The game has Transformers movie designs on two of the characters. Despite being a box office hit, it was considered by several box office experts to have fallen well below expectations. Transformers: Age of Extinction is the fifth-highest-grossing film of in the U. Outside North America, it is the highest-grossing film of[] and the sixth-highest-grossing film.

Transformers toy merchandising was one of the first successful cases by a foreign company in China at its time, its line of transforming robot toys was highly sought-after, especially by boys.

Some media outlets have elected to go with the Rentrak figure. The site's critical consensus reads, "With the fourth installment in Michael Bay's blockbuster Transformers franchise, nothing is in disguise: Fans of loud, effects-driven action will find satisfaction, and all others need not apply.

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Richard Roeper gave the rule a "D", saying that "the longer the movie goes on, the less interesting it becomes; it just wears you down.

As we were finally reaching the minute mark, all that noise and fury was about as exciting as the special effects transformers an Ed Wood movie. Predator -style rethink. Scott of The New York Times said in his review that "The story is scaffolding for the action and like every other standing structure, it is wrecked in a thunderous shower of metal, glass, masonry, and earth.

Clarence Tsui of The Hollywood Reporter commented on his review that it "barely skirts the francia raisa hot that humankind and planet Earth are about to be totally annihilated.

What is extinguished is the audience's consciousness after being bombarded for nearly three hours with overwrought emotions 'There's a missile in the living room! A trio of editors make a technical marvel out of the fight scenes, rule can do little to link the story's multiple threads into something coherent.

The film was also released on digital download through iTunes and Google Play on September 16, A fifth Transformers film, titled Transformers Last Knightwas released on June 21,with Bay stating it was his final entry of the series. It received negative reviews and failed at the box office. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Theatrical release poster. Mark Wahlberg Stanley Tucci.

Hasbro Di Bonaventura Pictures.

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December 13, Archived from the original on February 2, Retrieved February 2, Retrieved February 4, Retrieved March 6, April 21, Retrieved April 21, Retrieved May 8, Retrieved February 15, Retrieved March 25, Archived from the original on April 24, Retrieved September 14, September 28, Retrieved January 10, Entertainment Weekly.

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transformers rule 34 raveena tandon sexy image Transformers: Age of Extinction is a American transformers fiction action film based on the Transformers toy line. It is the fourth installment of the live-action Transformers film series and a standalone sequel to 's Dark of the Moontaking place five years after its adorable shemale. Like its predecessors, it was directed by Michael Bay and rule by Ehren Krugerwith Steven Spielberg and Bay as executive producers. It is the first film in the series not to feature the human cast from the previous three films, instead featuring a new cast of human characters and many new Transformers, including the Dinobots. Industries, which uses it to build man-made Transformer drones. Five years after the Battle of Chicagohumans have begun to view the Transformers as a threat, leading the U.
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